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Two New Programs Help Homeowners Afford Their Mortgages In West Chester, OH
Many Cincinnati first time homeowners and others in Cincinnati home mortgage loans are finding it harder and harder to accept their monthly payments when they know their homes or condos value have shrunk considerable over the years. You would like to be like those others who are taking advantage of today’s historically lower rates than accept their old higher rate which is much higher than they can have today. But wait; there are two new access programs that Cincinnati home loan holders may want to know about. They’re known as HASP and DU Refi Plus. But what are they and how they can help you afford your home loans in Cincinnati? Let’s take a look.

HASP stands for the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan and it is designed to make Cincinnati home loans more affordable. But it’s not just for residents of Cincinnati, it’s actually nationwide, here at The Mortgage Network of Ohio Inc., we offer these programs for those who reside in Ohio Indiana and Kentucky. For those who may be struggling with the above scenario in the greater Cincinnati, OH the HASP program may be your dreams come true. Basically, HASP can help you refinance your West Chester, OH mortgage so that you can take advantage of today’s historically low rates. If you are a responsible homeowner and have been making your payments on your Cincinnati home loan that was taken out before 5.31.09, you need to call and ask your Cincinnati Mortgage Lender about the HASP program. Too many people in the past have not been able to take advantage of today’s rates and feel stuck, but now with the recently new enhancements to the program being just announced, it makes refinancing options available again to an estimated 1 million more homeowners, this could be your opportunity. Loan to Values can now be up to 125% of your current homes appraisal value…just think if you owe $200,000 on your mortgage and your current appraisal is just a $160,000…you will qualify…if you owe $405,000 on your mortgage and your current appraisal is just a $325,000…you will qualify! If you do not have PMI (private mortgage insurance) now you will not have it with your new loan…just a lower rate on your current mortgage balance.

DU Refi Plus
Very similar to the HASP program you don’t have all of the equity in your home or condo, the DU Refi Plus program may be for you. The DU Refi Plus is designed to be a very easy way to refinance your home loans in Cincinnati. The program is backed by Fannie Mae and will allow you to refinance up to 125% of your home’s current value. What’s more, if you have one or more mortgages in West Chester, OH and you owe more than your home is currently worth, you can still refinance under this new program. With lower interest rates, you’ll be able to lower your monthly payments, and stay in your valued Cincinnati home.
Let us guide you through the maze of options for Cincinnati home owners whether you have been in your home for some time or just a few years, and you’re finding it difficult to get the answers with your Cincinnati home mortgage, you will want to learn more about these two programs. You never know, the HASP or the DU Refi Plus access program may make your home mortgage in West Chester, OH a little easier to handle and a much more affordable interest rate! Are you considering a refinance and would like to take advantage of today’s historic rates in Cincinnati? If you have any questions you’d like answered by professional Cincinnati mortgage broker…let us know in the comments section or call today…513 346 4070 and ask for Jeff x10. Toll Free 888 393 8784 x10. Now Lending in Ohio Indiana and Kentucky!

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