Negotiating is An Art


Only the artful negotiator can take two sides with opposing interests and bring them to consensus. No formula can be applied to the process; no scientific equation can bring it about. And the back-and-forth communication that is negotiating is a huge part of the selling process.

A favorable negotiation involves you the seller, your listing agent, the buyers and the buyer’s agent to arrive at an agreement on price, and terms and conditions. As with any bargaining session, the discussion can get bogged down; but a professional knows how to avert problems. It’s about working through, around and over any potential sticking points to bring the talks to a mutually satisfying conclusion. More than one buyer has rescinded an offer in the negotiation process, so it’s best not to tackle this oh-so-important business dealing without the help of a skillful negotiator.

Having an expert negotiator manage the sale of your home is just one more reason to work with a real estate professional, like myself. Make sure your listing agent offers capable representation, objective counsel and caring guidance for this process.
Before engaging your agent, know s/he will handle negotiation. Ask him/her questions like:

How will multiple offers be handled?
On which points should we stand firm and on which can we compromise?
How can you help me figure my bottom-line selling price?
What will you do to get me the best price in the shortest period of time?

Answers to these questions will give you a good idea of how your agent negotiates the deal to get the best price and terms for you.

When you engage me as your buyer’s agent, you have a guide who will understand your concerns, expectations and needs – not only in negotiation, but throughout the entire home-buying process. I will be able to negotiate on your behalf; after all, at stake is your best interest and your piece of mind in knowing that your home was sold at it’s best value.

You don’t spend a dollar up front, or during your listing period, for all the marketing involved. Nobody gets paid unless your home sells.

If you’re ready to meet with me to discuss the complete marketing plan in depth or to start the interview process, please Contact Me.